Our Story | Healthy Energy Bars Made By Circle Bars Canada

Started very humbly in the kitchen of Canadian woman, mother and artist named Luella.


Circle Bar is a healthy, delicious Energy bar made especially for active Canadian women. We are always experimenting with new and interesting foods, Luella was dedicated to find nutritious meals that tasted great for her and her family. She experimented with everything from local ingredients she grew herself to exotic fruits and vegetables. Her experimentation eventually led her to a nutritional protein bar designed especially for women – the Circle Bar, named for Luella’s belief that family is circular and women help keep that circle strong.

While most nutritional bars are made with a base of oats or wheat, the Circle Bar is made with Canadian grown wild rice, which is harvested in northern Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Using wild rice means the bars are completely gluten free and the all-natural berries pack the bars full of antioxidants, protein and complex carbohydrates and essential amino acids.

In Luella’s honour, her family is taking her vision of a great tasting and healthy bar and sharing it with the women of the world.


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