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What is wild rice?
Wild rice is grown in the wild, but it technically isn’t a type of rice. Grown in freshwater lakes and streams across Canada, it is actually a grass. It’s very similar to rice, however. Naturally, it was a nutty flavour and is high in protein and carbs, while being very low in fat.
What are the benefits of using wild rice over oats or other grains?

Wild rice is gluten free and an excellent source of protein, complex carbohydrates and essential amino acids. Read our Nutritional Information for more details.

Where does the wild rice in Circle Bars come from?
Our rice is harvested right here in Canada, from lakes in Northern Saskatchewan and Manitoba.
What does the name Circle Bar mean?

Circle Bar was developed to be a nutritional bar for women and it is named for the family circle, for which women play an essential role.

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