Circle Bars are great cycling energy bars for women – portable, nutritious energy boosters that fuel your bike ride with healthy all-natural ingredients. Women are now more active than ever before; between home, work and working out, women also have less time than ever before. At Circle bars we have made a commitment to our customers: Only the highest quality and most natural ingredients go into our energy bars!

During longer, more intense cycling trips you may need more carbohydrates to re-fuel and maintain your energy, and this is where energy bars come into the picture. The best energy bars supply the carbohydrates you need from natural sources, like fruits and berries, wild rice and honey. When you’re working so hard you need an energy bar that works just as hard for you!

The body breaks down the carbohydrates in our food and converts them into glucose, a source of energy for our cells. Glucose that is not needed to fuel our energy is stored in our liver and muscles as glycogen. Glycogen supplies our energy needs when our bodies aren’t getting enough carbohydrates (glucose) from food. During moderate to intense exercise we need between 30 – 60 grams of carbohydrates an hour, depending on the intensity of our workouts.

Circle Bars’ is a low sugar, gluten-free energy bar whose carbohydrates come from natural high-quality ingredients: wild rice, honey, wild blueberries, cranberries, pumpkin seeds, and gooseberries. We believe that Canadian women deserve the best ingredients in their energy bars, so we have dedicated ourselves to crafting the most wholesome, nutritious energy bars in Canada. Because we know that Canadian women don’t want to settle for second best!